August 11, 2014 - Welcome

Hi Students and Parents,
Last year was a very successful year with many credits being earned through Weber Online. We had over 1700 quarter credits earned last year alone through this program. Weber Online is being utilized for many different purposes including freeing up schedules so students can have the opportunity to take more courses they desire at their school and/or can take more college or tech courses (among other reasons). We also have a pool of over 50 students that just take Weber Online courses full time at their home. Weber Online is helping students prepare for online learning opportunities they may experience after graduation.
As I discuss online courses with students, parents, and teachers I have found that being successful in an online course requires some motivation and desires above and beyond those that are needed by students attending a brick and mortar school.
As you work in your Weber Online courses, here are four key points to being successful in your online courses:

1. Schedule time each day to work on the course. Make sure you log in so we know you are actively involved in the course.
2. Read the information. The directions for completing assignments are written in the course.
3. If you find broken links, email your teacher so they can quickly provide you with a good link.
4. Make sure you are doing your own work. If you reference something on the internet, make sure you properly cite the reference.

And, as always, make sure you email your teachers if you run into any questions or problems with the course or the content in the course. Let’s make this another good school year!

Mr. Raymond
Weber Online Principal

February 05, 2014 - Driver Education

Driver Education is available online.

For more information about the course or to sign up for the course, please visit http://weberonline.wsd.net/index.php/enroll/driver-education

If you are a Driver Education student who was previously dropped from the course and re-enrolled, please visit the course page and log in to access the course again. You must enter the enrollment code to access this course. If you need a new enrollment code please email Carrie Pilot at capilot@wsd.net.

Students outside of Weber School district may receive .25 credits for successfully completing the online course, depending on their school district policy.