January 25, 2016 - Site News

Hi Students,

Many teachers are placing components of their teaching online, here in Moodle.  In fact, many of you are currently working on a course or two right now that is an extension of the classroom at school.  As you become familiar with how Moodle is set up in the district, begin thinking about possibly taking a Weber Online course.  Weber Online is a great way to help you realize many options as you move through high school.  Whether it be to get ahead in your education so you can take early college courses, to free up your schedule so you can take more elective courses of your choice, graduating early, or whatever your educational goals and aspirations are, Weber Online can help you.  Weber Online courses are backed by the best teachers in the district.  Our teachers are committed to help you achieve success in these courses.  If you are interested in taking a Weber Online course, visit with your counselor today.   

Mr. Raymond