December 02, 2014 - News

Hi Students and Parents,

Online learning can help everyone be lifelong learners.  More and more people are using online learning to deal with problems or issues they face on a daily basis.  Many people save money watching “how to” videos on YouTube rather than going to certain professionals.  Online learning helps employees remain competitive without having to take time off of work to train or gain the knowledge needed for this.  Not only are higher education institutions using online learning as the “norm” for offering courses to students, but employers are also taking advantage of online learning as well.  Some employers are using online courses/information to help train employees that need to learn new skills or hone skills that are already obtained.

Online learning has been very attractive to many students in universities.  In the traditional classroom learning style, students sit in a large auditorium with hundreds of other students in many “general education” courses.  In those large settings, many students find it difficult to absorb the information being presented due to the many distractions made around them.  Some students find it hard to ask questions because of the awkwardness of them sitting in the midst of hundreds asking a question with everyone looking at them.  If students miss a class for one reason or another, it is very difficult to get the exact information that was presented in those traditional courses unless it was taped.  Conflicts in course scheduling finds many students frustrated when trying to fit in other aspects of their life such as work or family time.  This is where online learning really shines.  Online learning can take place at the convenience of the learner.  No distractions are necessary.  If online learners want to study at night in a quiet room and not be bothered, they can!  No information needs to be missed in an online course.  The student gets through all the content of the course.  No need to worry about missing a class.  Now all your courses can fit into your schedule because of the flexibility of those online courses.

A 93 page report on online education put out by the U.S. Department of Education concluded that, “On average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.”  (Means, Barbara, et al, 2009)  However, not everyone does well with this type of study.  Learning independently is the key to being successful with online learning.  Other key successes are being able to use the technology required as well as motivation to keep going back to the course.  Both of these play a pertinent role for being successful doing online courses.   

Mr. Raymond
Weber Online Principal 

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