November 18, 2015 - Site News

Hi Students and Parents,

One goal of ours in Weber School District is to prepare students for opportunities that may arise after graduation.  One of these opportunities that students will probably be faced with at some point in their life is to be able to take some type of course online.  Online learning has infiltrated most higher education facilities around the nation.  In fact, it is very difficult anymore to get through a higher education institution without taking some type of instruction through online learning.  With that in mind, our technical education department has developed this interactive platform for our teachers to provide some of their instruction “online” to help teach students how to be successful with online learning.  Many teachers from around the district have offered components of their classroom work online for this very reason.  

Taking a course online is certainly different than taking the same course in a classroom.  One missing component with online learning that is important is the traditional pacing method students get when physically attending classes.  Because students do not see a teacher every day when taking an online course, sometimes the course is forgotten for too long.  When students build into their daily schedule a time to work on their online course(s) they are much more successful in them.  Try to build in your daily schedule a block of time to work in your online course(s).   

Mr. Raymond
Weber Online Principal