Instructor: Quinton Henderson

Elementary Internet Safety

5 - Check off Instructions for Teachers

Each student will need to be checked off in MyStudent under the policies section. The webcast on this page will show you where to find the policies section and how to check off each student.ton at the top of this page.

In order to check off the CIPA requirements:

1. Log into your MyStudent Homeroom gradebook.

2. Click on the "Policies" button (located across the top in the row of icons.)

3. Select "Internet Safety CIPA" from the Dropdown menu.

4. Check off each student that completed the unit (or click on "Check All" if everyone participated.)

5. Click the "OK." 

To see this quick check off process, click on the gray "View Webcast" button at the top of this page.

Remember, if students were absent during the unit, they will still need to complete it and be checked off before they can use Weber School District computers.

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