Instructor: Quinton Henderson

Secondary Internet Safety

4.3.3 - Teach 2 (20 min)

Choose Your Photo (20 minutes)

DIVIDE students into groups of four to five, and distribute the Mad Men Student Handout, one per group.

TELL students they will be “mad men” in this activity. (The term “mad men” is shorthand for “Madison Avenue ad men,” who were advertising executives who worked on Madison Avenue in New York City during the 1950s and 1960s. It is also the name of a popular television show that began running in 2007.) As “mad men,” they will have to decide on a photo to use for an advertising campaign.

HAVE a volunteer read aloud the directions and letter on the student handout.

EXPLAIN to students that advertising is a commercial purpose, so fair use does not apply. In order for
advertising executives to use a photograph, they need to do one of the following things:

  • They can use a photograph for which they already own the copyright.
  • They can get permission from the copyright holder to use that photo for commercial purposes (and pay any fee the copyright holder might charge).
  • They can use a photo that is in the public domain.

In addition to considering the copyright status of the photo, students also need to consider the original intent of the creator and the effectiveness of the photo for their ad campaign.

INSTRUCT students first to analyze and answer the questions about each photo before theymake a decision. They will need to defend their choices. Allow students approximately 10 minutes to review their options and reach a consensus.

INVITE students to present their findings to the class. Students should describe why they chose their photos.

LEAD a discussion about the issues that come up when students want to use someone’s creative work, using the Mad Men Student HandoutTeacher Version. If there are photos that none of the groups chose, go through them and encourage students to explain why they decided against using those photos, based on their responses to the questions.

Note: There is no “correct answer” for this activity. Your goal is to guide students to think – first and foremost – about whether their choices reflect responsible use of an image, and second, whether it serves the purpose of the company and their ad campaign well.

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