Instructor: Quinton Henderson

Secondary Internet Safety

6.5 - College Bound

How can information you post on the Internet affect your future opportunities?

Students learn that everything they or anyone else posts about them online becomes part of a public online presence known as a digital footprint.

Using the Admissions Packet Student Handout, they view elements of two students’ digital footprints and consider how the footprints might affect those students’ admission to college. Students then discuss what kinds of information they would want included in their own digital footprints, and learn strategies for shaping a positive online presence.

Students will be able to ...

  • learn that they have a public presence online called a digital footprint.
  • recognize that any information they post online can help or hurt their image and future opportunities, including their chances for college admission or employment.
  • consider how to present an authentic and positive image of themselves online.


Required Modules



Materials and Preparation

  • Preview the Admissions Packet Student Handout — Teacher Version.
  • Copy the Admissions Packet Student Handout, one for each student.
  • Prepare a list of search results for a celebrity or other well-known person in a form that all students can see, perhaps on an interactive white board or overhead projector.


*All resources for this module can be found in the resource section below, by clicking the College Bound - All Resources link.


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