Instructor: Quinton Henderson

Secondary Internet Safety

2.2.1 - Introduction (10 min)


ASK: Can you remember when you last copied, downloaded, or shared some type of creative work? 
Guide students to think about their everyday sharing of copyrighted work. They might not even be aware that they are using copyrighted work every day. Sample responses:

  • Downloaded a video from YouTube
  • Bought a song on iTunes
  • Cut out a magazine photo and put it in my locker

ASK: Can you think of a time when you used someone else’s work in something you made?
Guide students to be specific about what work they used, and how they used it. You may also want to ask about whether they acknowledged the sources they used by citing them. Sample responses:

  • Used information from a website in a school report
  • Used photos I found in Google Image Search for PowerPoint slides
  • Used video clips I downloaded from YouTube in a remix video I made

EMPHASIZE to students that they often use copyrighted work in their everyday lives: (1) they use and enjoy media as consumers, and (2) they incorporate media into their own creations (blogs, mash-ups, etc.). Whether they are just using material for enjoyment or using it to create a new work, highlight to students that they should be responsible and respectful of other people’s creative work by providing proper credit.

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