Instructor: Quinton Henderson

Secondary Internet Safety

2.4.1 - Introduction (5 min)

Warm-up (Optional)

DEFINE the Key Vocabulary term identity.

  • identity: all of the factors that make up who you are

ASK: Do people ever express parts of their identities online that they might not express offline?
Guide students to recognize that people sometimes present themselves differently on the Internet than they would face to face.

DEFINE the Key Vocabulary terms exaggerate and deceive.

  • exaggerate: to say something is more or greater than it actually is
  • deceive: to mislead or falsely persuade others

ASK: Have you ever heard of people who exaggerated something about themselves online?

Sample responses:

  • A girl who exaggerated how many celebrities she had met, so that other people would be impressed
  • A kid who exaggerated his experience to get a job on the school paper

ASK: Have you ever heard about people who deceive others by pretending to be someone else while they were on the Internet? Why do you think they did this?

Sample responses:

  • Someone might pretend to be someone else trying to be mean or attempting to play a trick
  • Someone might create several avatars for an online virtual game

DISCUSS with students where these events took place (which website or online community). Solicit their initial thoughts on whether it is a good idea to do the kinds of things they described, and why.


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