Instructor: Quinton Henderson

Secondary Internet Safety

2.4.3 - Teach 2 (20 min)

Take a Stand (Optional)

DISTRIBUTE copies of the Take a Stand Student Handout, one to each student.

EXPLAIN to students that you are going to read aloud the scenarios from the handout. As you read each scenario, they should move to the spot on the tape line that represents where on the spectrum of HARMLESS/HARMFUL they believe the behavior falls. (Note: If space is an issue, students can place sticky notes with their names on them on a line on the board.)

GUIDE students to complete the activity, referring to the Take a Stand Student Handout — Teacher Version for detailed instructions.

REVIEW the ethical questions involved in trying different identities online. Remind students that doing this can have both benefits and risks. These depend in large part on what motivates people to present themselves differently, as well as the online settings and situations. All these can affect the consequences of their actions. Students need to be especially careful about exaggerating or deceiving others online, because this can often have harmful consequences.

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