Instructor: Quinton Henderson

Secondary Internet Safety

7.1.5 - Closing (5 min)

Wrap-up (5 minutes)

You can use these questions to assess your students’ understanding of the lesson objectives. You may want to ask students to reflect in writing on one of the questions, using a journal or an online blog/wiki.

ASK: How can people’s reputations be affected by what is posted about them online? What impact could this have on their future?
Anything posted online could persist for years to come, and this might affect important parts of their future lives, such as attending schools or getting jobs. Remind students that they can help build each other’s online reputations in a positive way, creating reputations that they like and are proud of.

ASK: What should you ask yourself before you post a photo, video, or other information about another person online?
Students should be able to identify questions from their decision tree.

ASK: How can you take responsibility for protecting the privacy and reputation of others?
Never post anything that might be harmful to someone else, and ask the person’s permission before you post anything that might be private. Only post things that contribute to building a positive online reputation for someone – help them be proud of the things that are online about them.

Extension Activity

To reinforce the importance of context, have students look through news magazines and celebrity magazines to find a photo that might make either a negative impression or a positive/neutral impression based on how it is captioned. Have students cut out their photos, glue them to sheets of paper, and then write one of each type of caption on the back (negative vs. positive or neutral). Invite volunteers to hold up their photos and read both captions aloud to the class. Encourage other students to say whether they agree with the interpretations of the photo, and explain why or why not.

At-Home Activity

Have students discuss the concept of reputation with a parent or other adult family member, and then have students conduct an interview with that person about a relevant experience in the adult’s life. Provide students with the following suggested interview questions:

  • Can you remember a time when something happened that made you embarrassed or angry because it affected your reputation? What happened?
  • How did you respond? What did you do to try to protect or restore your reputation? Have students write up their interviews and share highlights with the class.

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